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London Recorder Orchestra

London Recorder Orchestra.

Our next concert, will be at 7.00pm on Saturday 27th June 2015 at St Matthew’s Church, 29 St Petersburgh Place, London W2 4LA.

The programme will include:

Light Cavalry Overture – F von Suppe

Sinfonia – L Boccherini

Renaissance Dances – arr D Bloodworth

Petite Suite – C Debussy

Florentiner March – J Fucik

Midsummer Meadow Suite – L Hilling

Symphonic Dances – D Schnabel

Tickets £9.00 (conc. £6.00) available at the door.

Wolverhampton Wanderers!

This weekend I shall be heading off to Wolverhampton, for the National Festival of the Society of Recorder Players. This annual event is an opportunity for around 150 recorder players, from around the country, to meet up and play together. Here you will see recorders of all sizes (sopranino to contra bass) playing an enormous variety of music. As in previous years, I am lucky enough to have been invited to conduct a number of sessions – it is always fantastic to be able to play a part in this event!

For those who like to go shopping, there will be plenty of opportunity to try and buy instruments and sheet music! Willobie Press will be among the shops available so we look forward to seeing everybody. This is the launch of the new 2015 catalogue and hope we will be able to tempt people with our latest titles.

I’m looking forward to a great weekend and to meeting up with lots of old friends. Hoping lots of you can make it – either this year or next…

Lincoln Music Workshop Recorder Group


50th Anniversary!

Lincoln Music Worksop was establised in 1965 at a time when musical events in Lincoln were a rare commodity. It offered a variety of opportunities for both musicians and listeners to participate in live music. As the music scene in Lincoln improved, most of the Workshop activies faded away, but the Recorder Group continues to flourish and meets in North Hykeham on Monday evenings from 7.15pm until 8.45pm.

This small, friendly group welcome adult players of all abilities. They play a wide range of music in many styles and from all periods. They often perform at local events and in March, they participated in the Lincoln Music Festival.

If you would like further details of the group, please contact their director, Sheila Richards

Exam Successes!

Last month, a dozen students took examinations from the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music. The exams took place at a Special Visit, meaning that the examiner visited us here, at Peebles Road.

During the course of the morning, the examiner was treated to performances on recorder, violin and viola (as well as tests for Practical Musicianship) from candidates of all ages. The examiner was quite charming and put everyone at ease – everyone came out smiling and some admitted that they’d enjoyed themselves.

We had the results in less than a fortnight. Everyone had done really well, but special congratulations should go to Victoria and Lyn, who were both awarded Distinction marks in their first exams.

Since then, two more students have passed their Music Medal assessments to round off what has been a very successful term!

Welcome to 2015!

So, as the first year at Peebles Road draws to a close, we have many things to look forward to in the first ten days of 2015.

On 3rd January there will be a meeting of the Lincolnshire branch of the Society of Recorder Players

Instrumental lessons start again on 5th January, with many students preparing for the next batch of ABRSM examinations in February. I hope they’ve enjoyed their two-week break!

Rehearsals also begin again for Lincoln Music Workshop Recorder Group as they choose their programme for the 2015 Lincoln Music Festival, held in March.

On 9th January there will be an event hosted by Beacon Arts Project featuring an Installation with which I was involved.

January 10th sees the next rehearsal of the London Recorder Orchestra as we continue to work through this season’s challenging programme.

What a great start to the year! Let’s hope it continues in the same way…

School’s Out!

It may be the end of another school year, but lessons are continuing over the summer. I will be away for one week in August, but will be available for lessons the rest of the time. This is particularly useful for my adult students who have no connection with school term dates, but it also avoids the ‘big gap’ in lessons that can be disruptive for my younger students.

End of Term Report?

Well, we have reached the end of our first term at Peebles Road. General opinion seems to be that it’s a big improvement – even though they can no longer play with the fridge magnets! The three new students also seem to be settling in well…

Within weeks of moving, we had our first visit from the Associated Board examiner. The new exam room seemed to work well, and eleven violin/viola students took their exams – all of them successfully! Very well done to all of them!
Special mention must be made of Emma, who was awarded a Distinction in her first exam, just a few months after she started playing!

Now that the exams are over, I am hoping to organise an informal concert to give all students a chance to perform. Details will be available in our newsletter, “Peebles Post”, as soon as they are available.