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Society of Recorder Players

As a member of the Society of Recorder Players, I am regularly invited to conduct SRP branches across the UK – in addition to my ‘local’ branches in Lincoln and South London.

The Society of Recorder Players (SRP) brings together recorder players of all ages all over the UK. At ‘ground level’, the SRP operates as a network of branches – groups of (mostly amateur) recorder players who meet together once a month to make music on an informal basis. There is a large social element to the branches, which can act as a sort of ‘musical dating agency’ for newcomers to an area – recorder players are a friendly lot!

As a visiting conductor, I often find myself in different parts of the country where I know few people in the branches – but I always know that I will be made very welcome. There is a element of mystery to these visits: How many people will there be? At what level do they play? Are there any bass players/people who only play descant? What sort of music do they like?

I always try to take a real mixture of music with me, with enough parts to cover all eventualities. My hope is that there will always be at least one piece that each player enjoys – hopefully, more than one…

During the Covid restrictions branch meetings have moved online.  Some branches have combined forces to hold  Zoom playing sessions or concerts – while others have just held social events to allow their members to keep in touch.  We are very much looking forward to getting together as soon as restrictions allow …

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