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Spring is in the air!

It is now over a year since I saw some of my students ‘in person’ but we have managed to continue with music making through the wonders of online lessons. At last restrictions are beginning to ease and with it comes a sense of optimism that orchestras and other group music-making will return before too long. In the meantime, Perhaps this is why our ‘isolated violinists’ are full of the joys of Spring – you can listen to them here to cheer us all up!

All At Sea?

As restrictions begin to ease, it is lovely to be able to welcome more of by students back for ‘in-person’ lessons – although the online option remains where necessary. We hope that orchestras and other group music-making will return before too long. In the meantime, the Society of Recorder Players in Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire and Sheffield have continued to meet online and have come together to produce a performance here to cheer us all up!

Not only are the players members of the Society of Recorder Players but many are also members of the East Midlands Recorder Orchestra – and some are also my own students. The music, Bobby Shaftoe’s All At Sea, by Ken Garfield is published by Willobie Press. I do like it when things come together…

Christmas online

This year, Christmas will be very different! There are no orchestras able to give concerts and meetings of the Society of Recorder Players will be taking place online.

Fortunately, lessons have been able to carry on using a mixture of Zoom and in-person sessions – although I haven’t met up with many of my students since March! Nevertheless, we have been making music and our virtual December concert will soon be available. Meanwhile, here is a Christmas offering from some of our ‘isolated’ violinists – we hope you enjoy it!

Try our Christmas Carol Quiz to get you ready for the Big Day…

A Digital World

After a summer of Zoom lessons, it is lovely to be able to teach some of my students ‘in person’ again.   Of course, some are continuing to learn online for the time being – but I think we are well used to that by now… The latest newsletter can be found on the Peebles Post page.

At the moment everything seems to be digital. Our summer concert was put together from recordings we had done at home to make a very enjoyable performance and an opportunity to share our music. Even the examination boards have moved to video submission – probably more stressful than a face to face exam!

Due to the current Covid restrictions, music groups and orchestras are not able to meet to rehearse at the moment and, for the time being, my conducting diary is empty. Of course, that is deeply disappointing but members of the East Midlands Recorder Orchestra have put together a short video to keep things going… Other groups, such as Lincoln SRP, have been holding their monthly meetings via Zoom.

We are lucky to have access to digital technology to allow us to continue to make music together – even if it is in a limited capacity. Even so, I’m sure we will all be delighted to meet up again and play together as soon as we can.

Virtual Concert!

I’m so excited that our ‘virtual concert’ has finally gone live! Huge thanks to all those students who offered videoed solo performances – and to those string-players who took part in the virtual ensemble. I have to say that actually putting the video together was a huge learning-curve for me – but it will be much easier next time. Well done!

Zooming along!

Online lessons have now become a way of life and are proving to be very successful.  It maybe that this will remain an option for some people even after things get back to ‘normal’. See the latest newsletter for some other ‘virtual’ plans.

Here is a little something to reward us for all our hard work…

If you would like further information about online recorder or violin lessons, please contact Sheila Richards for further details.


Covid-19 – online teaching!

In the current climate, much of life seems to be ‘on hold’. All rehearsals, concerts and other musical ‘get-togethers’ have been cancelled for the foreseeable future – sad times!

Fortunately, due to the wizardry of modern technology, most of my students are able to continue their lessons by video link. I am so proud of my students (of all ages!) for adapting to this new way of working. Although this isn’t a perfect solution, it allows us to maintain the contact and support to allow progress to continue.  Look out for the latest issue of Peebles Post…

If you would like further information about online recorder or violin lessons, please contact Sheila Richards for further details.



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East Midlands Recorder Orchestra Concert 2019

We are looking forward to presenting a charity concert at 4pm on Sunday 19th May. The concert will be held at Fernwood Village Hall, Rubys Avenue, Fernwood, NG24 3RS – just outside Newark, Nottinghamshire.

The programme will include;
Overture to Music for the Royal Fireworks Music – Handel
Romanian Dances – Bartok
3 pieces from Foreign Parts – Moszkowski
Symphony in F- Arne
Entry of the Gladiators – Fucik

Admission is free but there will be a retiring collection to raise money for Beaumond House Community Hospice in memory of the composer, Paul Richards.

Busy, busy, busy!

I realise it has been some time since my last entry – that’s because I’ve been so BUSY!  It’s that time of year when everything is happening…

All my students have been hard at work and in the next couple of weeks a number of them will be taking exams.

Next month I will be off to Durham for the  SRP National Festival. In addition to conducting, I will also be launching the latest catalogue of Willobie Press Recorder Music.  Printing is well underway to make sure that a wide range of titles will be available for sale.

Meanwhile, the recorder orchestras are rehearsing for their next concerts. On 19th May East Midlands Recorder Orchestra will be giving a charity concert to raise money for Beaumond House Community Hospice.  On 22nd June London Recorder Orchestra will be giving their annual concert.

In addition to all this, there will also be concerts by Trent Chamber Academy and Lincolnshire Philharmonia

These are, indeed, busy times!