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London Recorder Orchestra


The London Recorder Orchestra currently has over 40 members but always welcomes new players of an appropriate standard. Prospective members should have a good standard of playing and sight-reading – and be prepared to play any of the usual sizes of recorder (descant, treble, tenor or bass) as required. Players of larger instruments (great bass and contrabass recorders) are particularly welcome.

For more information about playing standards required etc, please contact Joanna Brown

The orchestra normally rehearses from 10.30am – 1pm on the second Saturday of each month. Rehearsals are held at Macaulay School, Victoria Rise, Clapham, London SW4 and members are asked to pay a modest annual subscription of £40 (£17.50 students) to cover the hire of the hall.

We are hopeful that we will be able to get back to playing on Saturday 11th September.  Please contact Joanna Brown for more information.

To mark the start of 2021 some of our members put together a video of Howl-Around by Paul Richards – a piece that we had last rehearsed 12 months ago.  This was followed by the companion pieces Night Waves and Wild Rumpus.
We are looking forward to being able to play together again.

We usually give a concert at the end of each season (June/July). The music we play covers a wide range of styles and includes both ‘in house’ arrangements and original compositions. Sometimes we invite other groups to perform in the concert – either on their own or with the orchestra. If you are interested in seeing us in action, you will be very welcome at our next concert! You can also visit our Facebook Page.

Our last concert was at 7.00pm on Saturday 22nd June 2019 at St Matthew’s Church, 29 St Petersburgh Place, London W2 4LA.

The programme included:

Ungarische Concert-Overture – B Keler

Sicut Cervus – Palestrina

Celebration – S Sieg

Bal au Bassin – D Moses

Lachrimae Tango – A Melville

Tavernspite  – L Hilling

In the Hall of the Mountain King – E Grieg

Block Out – D Moses

Prince Rupert’s March – P Richards

If you would like further information about the orchestra, please contact Joanna Brown

The London Recorder Orchestra is affiliated to the Society of Recorder Players a Registered Charity No. 282751, Scottish Registered Charity No. SC038422

For those of you who missed our last concert, you can hear a couple of items on our  Facebook Page.

  1. kingouf permalink

    There is a misprint on the page – your next concert is in 2018, not 2017! Best wishes!

  2. Barbara permalink

    Hi The flyer on this page is for 2017 not 2018 Regards B

  3. Trevor lynch permalink

    Dear Sir/Madam I have been given a Garkleim recorder.Could you please tell me where I can get a fingering chart for this so petite little instrument. Thank you Kind regards Trevor.

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