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It’s September already and with it comes an exciting new season of rehearsals.

Things have already kicked-off with the first meeting of the Lincolnshire Branch of the Society of Recorder Players where a group of 25 players played a wide variety of music – from Boyce to Lyndon Hilling.

Lincoln Music Workshop Recorder Group met up on Monday 5th where we spent a fun-filled evening exploring potential new repertoire to work on.

On the 8th Lincoln Symphony Orchestra will be starting rehearsals for their next concert, to be held on 12th November. The programme consists of:-

Mendelssohn:Hebrides Overture

Rachmaninov:Piano Concerto No. 2 in C minor, Op. 18

Brahms:Symphony No. 1

There is also an additional Workshop day on 25th September – do check on their website for further details.

On the 10th the London Recorder Orchestra starts the rehearsals for the new season. I’m really looking forward to starting work on the new programme including music by Handel, Keler, Glen Shannon and David Moses – plenty of variety there!

In the afternoon of the same day (same venue!) I will be conducting a meeting of the South London branch of the Society of Recorder Players.

Most exciting for me is the first rehearsal of the new East Midlands Recorder Orchestra on Sunday 18th September.  This is the first opportunity for the experienced recorder players in the area to play regularly in an ensemble of this sort.  We will be playing a wide range of music and I’m really looking forward to meeting everyone!

On the 19th September rehearsals begin for the next concert to be given by Trent Chamber Academy on 26th November.  The programme includes:-

Boyce:Symphony No 5

Mozart:Clarinet Concerto

Haydn:Symphony No. 94

Finally, on 21st September we start rehearsals with the Lincolnshire Philharmonia in preparation for their springtime concert.

Isn’t it amazing just how much music is going on!  Fantastic!

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